My Art Thesis


My art is an extension of a life-long question that shape shifts with time. This need to understand the human experience in all its facets and multitudes. These feelings of loneliness, a sense of belonging and the need of being wanted. To be heard. It’s my gateway to re-centre myself to stillness and pose questions to myself on what is it that I’m trying to understand through my experiences and that of from my peers.

Whatever medium feels familiar or calls onto me to spark that initial outburst, I’ll go towards it. I’ll write about it. Maybe film it. Photograph, paint, design or even do an installation. It all snowballs from there and I just keep going with the feeling. Till I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m also a co-founder and curator of an artist collective called ‘DNI Collective’ in Leeds where I’ve worked on exhibitions from concept development to production management. I thrive off community and love. It's where my biggest inspiration comes from. A place where with my community the work offers a safe space for the audience to engage with it and find solace in the yearning, the mundane and the ephemeral.

- my current art thesis

Self-Portrait, 2023
           Hamza Ashraf

           Community Work


Other Ventures:
           Co-Founder & Curator @
           ‘DNI Collective’