About Me

An emerging documentary filmmaker and curator, blends design skills to create immersive digital and physical experiences. Proficient in installations, print, sound, and moving images, their work invites audiences into evocative, meditative, and vulnerable narratives.

With a design foundation, Hamza meticulously merges diverse mediums, crafting experiences resonating deeply with viewers. They seamlessly integrate vulnerability into storytelling, using innovative techniques to document their lived experiences. Their art, spanning visual installations and moving image works, aims to stir emotions and provoke introspection, fostering a profound connection with audiences.

Hamza challenges storytelling norms, constructing narratives that prompt dialogue and engage viewers with thought-provoking themes. Merging auto-fiction with storytelling, their boundary-pushing artistry carves a niche in documentary filmmaking and curation, leaving an indelible mark that captivates and inspires like-minded individuals.

Self-Portrait, 2023
           Hamza Ashraf

Creative Direction
           Image Maker
           Community Work

Other Ventures:
           Co-Founder & Curator
           @ ‘DNI Collective’

Studio/Office Location:
          ︎30-38 Dock Street, LS10 1JF

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